Here is a basic list of some of the Japanese terminology used here, and a rough translation as the words are used in this text. The Japanese language is very complex, and sometimes a word may have several different meanings. The only way to really know which meaning is correct is to read the "Kanji" or pictogram, and even then you would have to understand the context of the sentence it was used in. This small list is a brief description of some of the terminology used in this site and the definition as it applies here.

Shuri, Naha, TomariCities/Towns in Okinawa
Ryu-haStyle Association
Kai-haCompany/Corporate Association
KataPreset Patterns defining each style
KihonBasic Technique
KyuGrades of Color Belts - Lowest is 10th Kyu, highest is 1st Kyu
DanGrade of Black Belt - Lowest is 1st Dan, highest is 10th Dan
KaichoAssociation President
Saiko ShihanGrand Master
ShihanMaster/Teacher (Over 5th Dan)
RenshiFirst Shihan Grade (5th/6th Dan)
KyoshiSecond Shihan Grade (7th/8th Dan)
HanshiThird Shihan Grade (8th, 9th, 10th Dan)
SenseiTeacher (Not dependant on Dan level, although in IKGA usually anyone over Sandan can be Sensei)
JokyoGrade of Instructor under Shihan (4th/5th Dan)
ShidoinGrade of Instructor under Jokyo (3rd Dan)
HombuHead Dojo/Headquarters

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