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Yukiko Richardson (Hirayama) - Yondan (4th Dan), Jokyo

Yukiko Hirayama, Sandan, Shidoin

Yukiko Richardson (Hirayama) began training in Shotokan when she was in Junior High School and High School in Tokyo, Japan. She obtained a black belt, but stopped training after graduation. Her interest in Karate-do remained however. In 1997 she decided to resume training, and was accepted as a student at the Gojukai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, Japan, training directly under Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi. She found Gojukai training to be different and challenging, but very interesting. She attended training as many as five times/week and found herself progressing quickly in her understanding of Goju-Ryu. She participated in numerous competitions in Japan, consistently placing among the top competitors and culminating in a third place finish in Kata at the 50th Anniversary All Japan Gojukai Competition in 2000.

After her marriage to Rob Sensei in November 2000, Yukiko Richardson moved to Canada and continued to train and assist at Ranchlands Dojo. She was an active competitor for Karate Alberta and has attended four National Championships, placing in the top six in Kata.

Yukiko Sensei represented IKGA Canada as a team member and earned 4th place in Over Sandan Kata at the 4th IKGA World Championships in Holland, in 2005.

In September 2017 Yukiko Sensei represented Canada at the 7th IKGA Global Championships in Richmond, BC. Yukiko Sensei earned a Bronze medal in the Women's Over Sandan Kata division and Bronze in the Women's Masters Kata division. Yukiko Sensei was also an Assistant Coach for the Canadian team, helping all the members of IKGA Canada acheive their best results.

Yukiko Sensei passed her examination for 4th Dan (Yondan), Jokyo in 2017 with Saiko Shihan Goshi Yamaguchi, and continues to train and teach for Calgary Gojukai.

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